Where are your beanbags made?

All our beanbags at beanbag.lk are 100% manufactured in Sri Lanka.

Can I wash the beanbag covers?

Yes, our beanbag covers are machine washable too

Do I need to transfer & empty my beanbag to some other container before washing?

No, beanbags at beanbag.lk comes with a waterproof inner cover so you will have to just remove the outer cover and wash the outer cover without bothering to take out the beans out of the beanbag.

Do you deliver the beanbags?

Yes, we do deliver it FREE of charge within city limits.

Can I pay the cash on delivery

Yes, cash on delivery is available.

Do I get a warranty on my beanbags?

Yes, all our beanbags are subjected to TWO-YEAR warranty on the stitches & fabric.

Can I buy any color that I want?

Yes, we have almost all the colors to fill you up in colors.

Do you have stocks to purchase outright?

Yes, we always have a good stock up through the days.

Is it suitable for any age?

Yes, beanbags are suitable for any age group according to the size of the beanbag